Digital Advertising Melbourne

The media planning and buying of digital advertising including search, programmatic display, native, and pre roll & mid roll across multiple platforms.

Paid search is key to our conversion approach; our always-on focus targeting users when they’re actively looking drives traffic to websites and converts users. We use the power of Googles ‘Smart Bidding’ to optimise to keywords that are driving value. We use programmatic display because it is effective and inexpensive; we have full creative control to drive brand messages and conversion. The available inventory and targeting capabilities allow us to hit the right person at the right time with the right message. We both prospect and we re-target once we’ve found the right target, we also employ a lookalike strategy to deliver our campaign to those that have similar audience interests and behaviours to those that are already clicking.

We love native advertising because almost the entire inventory appears in-feed and this overcomes banner blindness and embeds our message in the consumers overall browsing experience driving higher rates of engagement.

Digital Advertising Melbourne

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boutique digital advertising agency Melbourne