Bakers Delight Recipe Development, Food Styling & Photography

Recipe Development, Food Styling & Photography

Bakers Delight

We all know how delicious and ample the product selection at Bakers Delight is. It’s so ample in fact that the product offering has been split into three pillars to aid purchase decisions for their customers, these pillars are ‘Everyday Classics, Health Solutions and Artisan Collection’ each with their own core colour and photography style. In order to launch and communicate this new pillar system, a fresh and delicious new image library was required.

Red Crayon shot and produced a number of still photographs showcasing the products, which sit in each of these new pillars. Along with product and range photography, new and delicious recipes were created and carefully crafted, showcasing the specific product with sumptuous fillings highlighting the pillars assigned colour.

Each pillar has a specific style, ‘Everyday Classics’ is relaxed and fuss free with cherry toned accents. ‘Health Solutions’ is bright, fresh and identifies as a clean/healthy solution, highlighting a peach colour. Finally, the ‘Artisan Collection’ is dark and moody, featuring rustic tones and black highlights.

The three pillars are now in the market and have been rolled out through various mediums, the community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. These three pillars have made identifying products simple – enjoying delicious Bakers Delight products just got easier!

Photography, Recipe Development, Food Styling & Post Production.