Bakers Delight Kick Start Franchise Re-Launch

Kick Start Franchise Re-Launch

Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight runs two streams of Franchise recruitment, one external, the other internal. Whilst external recruitment tends to receive more love, it was identified that conversions of internal leads proved more plentiful. As such the internal franchise model and collateral needed a solid strategic approach and visual refresh.


Red Crayon is engaged ongoing as the custodians of the internal recruitment process for Bakers Delight, Kick Start. Red Crayon reworked all of the Kick Start communications, from rebranding to a fresh visual language though to copy writing, photography, storytelling, videography, design and rollout.

By showcasing Kick Start graduates through storytelling of their experiences, prospective students are able to gain insights of what the program involves and the successes that can be achieved. This was communicated via short films of graduates in their own bakeries, information booklets, EDMs, information nights and pathway collateral.

A simple yet powerfully engaging strategy, which has proven to be the perfect recipe!


The Kick Start program has seen bolstered enquiry and conversion since re-launching with this new strategy and refreshed visual style.