Bakers Delight Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing

Bakers Delight

Develop a completely refreshed set of local marketing templates across Community, Operations and Local Store Offers for instant implementation and ongoing development.

The aim was to deliver a unique, versatile and easily accessed set of tools with messages that sounded like they had come from the franchisee’s mouth and could be used on a daily basis across all 700 locations.
1) Increase sales
2) Increase repeat visitation
3) Increase community engagement
4) Attract new customers

We used clever, simple, top line copy to deliver the messages to the audience and backed that up by designing a series of photomontages where we illustrated over the top of the Bakers Delight’s products to create characters and add personality that would effectively bring the product to life.

A completely new set of templates that are now being used across all franchises nationwide to attract new customers, deliver increased sales, drive repeat visitation and to better engage the community. On the back of the success of the refreshed templates, Red Crayon has been engaged on a permanent basis to create all Local Area Marketing creative nationwide.

Campaign Strategy, Copywriting, Photography & Campaign Creative.