Bicycle Network Brand Refresh

Brand Refresh

Bicycle Network

Bicycle Network is a charity, one of the largest cycling membership organisations in the world, whose mission is to have ‘ More People Cycling More Often ’. Red Crayon was engaged to reinvigorate the master ‘Bicycle Network’ brand along with the six core annual events created and run by the charity.

Through internal ThinkTanks, user testing and customer perception it was defined that the Bicycle Network brand mark held valuable equity, it was however perceived as being tired and dated. As such, Red Crayon reinvigorated the brand mark with a modern and strong type face, subtle icon reconfiguration and refinement. The biggest task was redefining that core annual events from a house of brands to a branded house. A consistent style, tone and appearance were pivotal in consolidating the events into an instantly recognisable Bicycle Network event. This was achieved through a master typeface and template guidelines for image treatment and application, along with supporting elements. In order to ensure each event could still maintain a sense of identity a core colour was allocated to each event.

The updated brand and core annual events refresh was exceptionally received, both internally and externally. It allowed the Bicycle Network internal team to seamlessly rollout event collateral and communications whilst also giving participants a fresh and revived event and brand experience.

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