Gruen Pitch – Educational Consent Campaign

Educational Consent Campaign

Gruen Pitch

Red Crayon were thrilled to be invited to Pitch on the ABC’s hit show, Gruen. Off the back of the Australian Government’s confusing and highly criticised ‘Milkshake’ consent campaign we were tasked with developing an educational consent campaign for young adults.

After much deliberation we honed in on the key themes of social justice, the power of protest and the passion of today’s youth to fight for a better future. A simple, clear, and memorable tagline was created for the campaign and carried through the entire TVC which featured the real voices and faces of today’s young Australians.

Additionally, our research on the subject found that simplicity is best when communicating such a complex topic. At every step of the way from scripting to concepting to execution our focus was always on how to simplify and create a lasting impact.

WE WON, and so did the other guys! After a tight contest it was an equally split panel resulting a draw. We’re looking forward to Pitching on the Gruen again soon… stay tuned!

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