Knox Ford – Lead Generation Campaign



Knox Ford came to us looking for a digital solution to generate leads for their multiple dealership sale events. Our first charge was to develop and run a localised campaign to drive leads and support the 8-Day SUV Value Sale event in dealership. The short campaign was to run over the 8-day sale period, with an objective of driving awareness and generating leads for phone qualification and in dealership conversion.

A geo-targeted lead generation campaign was developed for Instagram and Facebook; including an in platform lead form. Two ad sets were carefully crafted for AB split testing, including a specific price point driven static carousel and a generic offer based video.

Engaging creative and a sense of urgency established through ad copy were compelling reasons to engage and click, which can be seen in the post campaign results.

The lead generation campaign saw quick results, generating multiple high quality leads over the short period in market. A secondary bonus was the amount of audience data we were able to collect, we are now able to utlise look a like audience targeting, which will only further improve future campaign results.

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