Lauriston Girls’ School Branding & Advertising

Advertising Campaign

Lauriston Girls’ School

The creative conceptualisation and development of a fresh new advertising campaign which targets each of the 4 key categories (Prepatory, Senior School, Howqua & Staff) and reflects the prestige reputation of the Lauriston brand. Each category was required to reflect its own personality so as to stand alone, but also work harmoniously together as a succinct campaign set.

With a key over-arching message portraying a school focused on excellence and adhering to Brand style, the following campaign concepts were devised.

Prepatory – Life Ready
This campaign demonstrates that a Lauriston girl’s dream, whatever that may be can become a reality with the right foundation & guidance – starting in pre-primary.

Senior School – Preparing you for jobs that don’t even exist yet.

Focusing on VCE & IB, an education at Lauriston is in-depth, progressive and diverse, giving students the opportunity to lead into ’new’ career pathways that may not be available through other schools.

Howqua – Made in Howqua
Following on from the re-brand of Howqua, this campaign demonstrates the journey of a series Howqua alumni, from being students to successful, strong, independent women.

Due to the success of the campaign, a continuation on the theme to hero the Lauriston staff and their achievements was undertaken, this time featuring a new set of staff.

High visual presence in outdoor advertising resulted in a rise in enquiries and school tour bookings.

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