Lauriston Girls’ School Howqua Brand Redevelopment & Advertising Campaigns


Lauriston Girls’ School

Every year the Lauriston’s Year 9 students participate in the Howqua program situated in the Howqua Valley in Victoria’s high country. For one year, students enjoy two homes, living on-campus at Howqua for regular periods studying a full academic curriculum, participating in a unique pastoral and outdoor program and enjoying regular visits home.

Enrolments for Howqua were in decline and the Howqua experience was even seen as a negative by some of the Lauriston community. Our job was to change this perception and illustrate to current and prospective families just how amazing the Howqua experience is.

Red Crayon aimed to change this negative perception by creating an invigorating and motivational brand to best represent the true potential of the Howqua year. This new brand was launched with a targeted campaign aimed to boost enrolments.

The campaign was also supported (and given credibility) by Howqua alumni brand-ambassadors who highlighted the powerful effect the Howqua experience had on them as young girls. Many of these memories are still treasured by the alumni today.

Two years post the initial brand development and campaign exercise, the Howqua program is at full capacity.

Parents of newly enrolling girls’ also consider Lauriston Girls’ School specifically for its Howqua experience.

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