Oyo Car Share – Lead Generation Campaign



Oyo car share came to us looking to soft launch their all-new, innovative car sharing service in a hyper-localised inner city area of Melbourne. The objective was to acquire 25 founding members to test the business model and innovative technology prior to a wider public launch. The challenge was how do we acquire such a niche audience and ensure active use and bookings without letting the rabbit out of the hat, so to speak!

A geo-targeted lead generation social media campaign was developed utilizing a compelling discount offer to entice interest and incentivise sign ups. Clever messaging and engaging creative was designed and developed to best impact the local Melbourne audience and propel that FOMO feeling.

The online campaign was further supported through the design and distribution of print material and on site activations at local universities to ensure consistent and maximum local market cut through.

The lead generation campaign saw incredible results that surpassed all expectations. The short campaign saw 185 leads at a 0.19% result rate over the 2-week period, ensuring the Oyo car share team was able to qualify and onboard well over and above the initial 25 founding members required.

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