– Brand Campaign

Brand Campaign

Brief is Australia’s No.1 address for commercial property. Red Crayon was engaged by to develop their annual autumn campaign with the goal of inspiring both investors & SMEs to re-imagine their opportunities (be that a new business home to love, or a new investment opportunity) in commercial property with

A key consideration when developing the campaign positioning was analysis of the commercial property market and motivating factors for both investor and SME audiences. We focused on inspiring both audiences to make their next move with – Australia’s No.1 address for commercial property.

The campaign was segmented by audience and features inspiring, relatable, and authentic footage, coupled with strong voice over to encourage each audience to get back out into the market. The campaign creative was rolled out across both audio and video assets for YouTube, Radio and digital streaming services.

The autumn campaign saw exceptional results, with a YouTube view rate of 52.65% within the consideration phase of the campaign. The investor segment performed best with a view-rate of 53.63%. We’re very much looking forward to working with the team on the next campaign – stay tuned!

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