– 2021 Commercial Insights Series

2021 Commercial Insights Series

Following the Developer and Residential Insights Series, we were engaged by REA Group, to create an engaging content series for the Commercial agent market. This content series was focused on delivering key insights from the 2021 Consumer Satisfaction Study, including uncovering the key characteristics of commercial property seekers so agents could better support them in their buying, selling or leasing journey. A key part of the brief was to ensure the results of the survey were delivered in a format that was easily consumed and actionable for the audience. The key insights from the survey formed the basis of the 2021 Commercial Insights Series, tailored to selling and leasing agents in the commercial property space.

In collaboration with the marketing and research teams, we developed a comprehensive content strategy that was to be rolled out across several months. The content strategy saw the 2021 Consumer Satisfaction Study come to life through a wide range of content mediums, delivered across various platforms and channels.

We followed the guidelines to create a series logo, colour palette and overall look and feel for the series that allowed it to stand out whilst remaining consistent to the brand. A series content hub was designed and developed within the agent portal, ensuring all content was housed in one place and easily found by the target audience.

The content created included: whitepapers, blogs, how-to videos, PDFs and a webinar. All content was distributed to the commercial agent audience via eDMs and LinkedIn.

The series was well received by both the client and the commercial agent audience. Key metrics showed high open rates and CTR for EDMs and strong social engagement. The commercial agent audience found value in the content, particularly through blogs targeted at the relevant segments and the closing webinar.

Content Strategy & Marketing, Design, Collateral &Video Production