– 2021 Developer Insights Series

2021 Developer Insights Series

After a successful Developer Insights Series in 2020, we were engaged a second time by, to create another insightful and engaging content series to deliver the key insights from the 2021 New Home Buyers Research. The task was to bring the findings from the research to life and deliver them to the builder and developer audience through an array of content formats, leveraging off what we knew from the year before.

A succinct content strategy was developed in collaboration with the REA content, marketing and research teams based on our learnings from the year before. After understanding what content resonated well with the audience the year before, we crafted a strategy that would reach them in an insightful way to deliver fresh information. Above and beyond the content strategy, we developed a logo for the 2021 series, created the overall look & feel and a microsite to house the content.

The content created included: animated videos, supporting PDFs, whitepapers, podcasts, listicles and a webinar. All content was distributed via an eDM and social media (LinkedIn) and where applicable it was also distributed via YouTube.

The series was well received by both the client and the builder and developer audience with key metrics indicating a strong EDM open and click through rate and above average social engagement rate across all pillars.

Content Strategy & Marketing, Design, Collateral &Video Production