Rinnai Brand Campaign



The overall markets for hot water, heating and cooling products have increasingly become commoditised due to a surge in competition and shift in business operations by retail/trade/builder channels.

Although the competition threatening all categories is significant, their focus is on one element of the Rinnai product mix as opposed to offering the full suite of home comfort solutions.

Our task, to reposition Rinnai as the brand of choice for ‘Total Home Comfort Solutions’, but most importantly, to build Brand Salience to increase the occasions of which Rinnai is thought about or noticed when a customer is in a buying situation.

Advertising works through memories. Memory is the link between an advertisement and brand choice. There can be months between the advertisement and when the potential customer is in a decision making situation with a relevant opportunity to recall brand memories.

Given this we implemented the use of brand salience theories to develop Rinn – our black and white Border Collie who’s traits of being trustworthy, reliable and part of the family and that brings joy and happiness, directly represents Rinnai’s core values.

This brand anchor was cleverly aligned with the Rinnai brand (logo, the colour red and the product suite) to amplify the message and to aid memory when customers are in a buying situation whether they be a retail or trade prospect.

In addition to this, the company tagline was updated to ‘Relax with Rinnai’, further exemplifying the broad range of ’Total Home Comfort’ solutions on offer.

Exceptional results overall. Full year budget showed a significant increase in sales overall.

Brand awareness unprompted – Hot Water 2% UP, Heating 11% UP, Cooling N/A

Brand awareness prompted – Hot Water 7% UP, Heating 13% UP, Cooling 8% DOWN

Brand consideration – Hot Water 5% UP, Heating 6% UP, Cooling 9% DOWN

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