Werribee rebrand

Werribee rebrand

Wyhndham City Council

Red Crayon was engaged by Wyndham City Council to brand the Werribee City Centre and devise a three-year strategy for the marketing of the centre.

The outcome was a bold and contemporary identity. Channeling street signage found within the centre itself, the mark is a strong, eye-catching visual that is flexible across a wide range of applications. Built around a simple modular system, each individual element can be separated from the overall mark and stand alone to create an interesting and engaging visual language for the brand. A vivid colour palette of teal and black separates the brand from the predictability of similar city centre branding, for an aesthetic that is fresh and progressive – a mark that is distinctly Werribee City Centre.


The Werribee City Centre identity was immediately adopted by store owners and locals, they finally had a brand that represented who they are – a diverse, vibrant and progressive community.

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