Bob Jane T-Marts Videography, Animation, Branding & Collateral

Videography, Animation, Branding & Collateral

Bob Jane T-Marts

Bob Jane T-Marts has a national network of franchised and company owned tyre retail stores, making them Australia’s largest independent tyre retailer. Red Crayon works on many different projects, from car livery, through to animated videos and everything in-between.

Vehicle Livery –
Red Crayon developed a series of concepts for the Ford Rangers that stayed true to the brand and that would ensure the vehicles stood out on the road. Commonly, prospective customers action livery on vehicles when they are in traffic or stopped at a set of traffic lights – knowing this we ensured all the key information was on the tailgate of the vehicle..

Training Videos – Over 2 days Red Crayon filmed, edited and produced a series of 7 training videos, each roughly 3 – 4 minutes in length. The videos covered topics such as customer bookings, car drop off, car pick up, safety inspection reports and walking a customer through an invoice.

Tire Check Tuesday – A bright, informative 5 step animation that delivers serious, life saving content in a clever and creative way designed to appeal to the target market. The animation was used nationally online to raise awareness of the danger in driving with under, over-inflated or worn tyres.

AusCar & Monster – Red Crayon developed two sets of brand guidelines that clearly govern the visual DNA of each brand. Essentially the documents describe, define and present examples of how the brands look in various visual media such as advertising, print, online and broadcast. For the guides to be effective they must clearly define the rules around brand use and be clearly cascaded across all parties that will interact with the brands.

Continuity in brand presence and messaging whilst ensuring communications are engaging and informative.

Collateral Design, Content Creation, Video Production & Animation.