Regis Aged Care – Annual Report

Annual Report


Red Crayon was appointed by Regis Aged Care to produce their end of financial year publication suite including the Annual Report, Corporate Governance Statement, Modern Slavery Statement and Notice of AGM. The brief was to truly encapsulate Regis’ history of people and care within the report, to produce a refreshed and refined series of brand aligned documents.

Through a series of in depth, collaborative meetings with Regis’ senior leadership team, Red Crayon unearthed the key themes of people, care, respect, heritage, resilience and dignity. The Annual Report design and copy was bought to life with a strong focus on residents, staff and quality of care through the use of emotive full bleed imagery, vector illustrations and a considered tone of voice. The three smaller documents took on a more corporate approach whilst maintaining a consistency of design.

The refined and refreshed publication set was well received by Regis, their shareholders and the general public. We look forward to evolving the publication theme over the coming years.

Design, Copywriting & Collateral

Curve – Rebrand and Rollout



Curve Accountants are a bespoke leading accounting and advisory firm, servicing small and medium businesses and the medical industry up and down the eastern seaboard. Our first charge was to evolve the Curve brand to ensure it aligned with the most deeply held values of the business. With a recent unsuccessful rebrand already completed, the challenge was not to be underestimated, how do we unearth a visual language that speaks to both the industry and the target market, that also resonates internally.

An in depth brand strategy workshop was held with key stakeholders to unearth the core brand values and collaborate on the manifestation into the brand creative and visual communications. Our collaborative approach saw us finding that the brand must be lead with more emotion and connectivity.

The new brand was positioned “Invested in you”. To roll out the new brand positioning across all creative assets, an on location shoot to capture lifestyle imagery and footage was completed. The stills were utilised across both print and digital materials including and remain the core component of the brand asset library to date. The footage was edited into an emotive brand film and 3 shorter service based edits to be utilised in social media advertising.

The revived modern and warm, yet professional visual language was extremely well received by the client and their respective clients. We are now working on taking this fresh brand to market with a digital media approach so stay tuned for more!

Brand Strategy, Brand Creative, Collateral, Video Production.

Tasracing Summer Racing Campaign

Tasracing Summer Racing Campaign


We were lucky enough to win a competitive pitch for the Tas Racing annual Summer Racing Carnival campaign. The Summer Racing Carnival encompasses multiple racing events over the Summer months and we were charged with promoting the overarching carnival with a heavy focus on an uplift in ticket sales to the three major Cup Days; Devonport Cup, Hobart Cup & Launceston Cup.

In collaboration with Tas Racing, it was identified that the audience with highest propensity to purchase were millennials with a strong interest in their own personal brand, closely followed by young families who want to enjoy a family friendly day out. We wanted to disrupt the perception that the events are only for those with a keen interest in thoroughbred racing. The overarching campaign message of “ Indulge your senses “ was developed to ensure we can encapsulate all of the exciting elements of the events with segmented sub messages that talk to our multiple audiences and ultimately still tie back to the master campaign.

The creative was developed with a similar notion in mind; showcasing iconic Tasmanian produce, native flora, and the rolling hills intertwined with the track and race goers in one key campaign visual was pivotal. The channel plan was devised strategically to ensure maximum reach across Tasmania and Victoria(for the first time!) The creative concept was adapted and rolled out across TVC, press, billboards, digital display ads, Spotify and OOH.

The 2019 Summer Racing Carnival was hugely successful with a boost in online ticket sales across the board. The creative was well received by the Tasmanian audience and the client alike. With a heavy focus on digital media, we now have a data set to build upon and re-market to into the future.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign Creative, Content Creation, Media Planning & Buying

Rapid Hardware Group – CatRoller Campaign

CatRoller Campaign

Rapid Hardware Group

Red Crayon was engaged by Rapid Hardware Group, an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of hardware products, to develop and launch their new pet product brand, Cat Roller.

Our task was to launch their new product into the market including the development of all brand assets, packaging and a digital launch campaign.

The aim of the campaign launch was to increase awareness of the brand, encourage landing page views and click-throughs to the Bunnings website, where users could then go on to purchase the product.

The branding and logo we created carried a fun and charming identity. We wanted the overall branding to make cat lovers smile, the same way a funny cat video does. As the illustration in the logo is lively and animated, we went for a simplified colour palette of orange variations, to ensure we weren’t adding too many colours to an already animated and lively brand. The branding was carried through a number of different assets including packaging, an instruction manual, an instruction video and advertising campaign creative.

We know that cats can be cheeky escape artists, so we decided to bring out this playful nature and engage the audience through a fun illustrated visual. The established features and benefits of the product were featured heavily throughout the creative to further cement that the product is an easy DIY solution that is simple and effective at keeping your cat safe. The creative ran across carousel and video formats on social and 6 Google display formats.

To support the advertising campaign, we also crafted a 9-week content plan with artwork for the Cat Roller Facebook page.

The fun and playful branding that was rolled out across product packaging was well received by the client.

The four-week advertising campaign launched at the end of 2020 and was very well received by the target audience. The campaign saw a social click-through rate of 3.05% and a display click-through rate of 0.10%, both above industry standard. Traffic was led to a campaign landing page where the audience could then click through to Bunnings Warehouse and purchase the product.

Brand Creative, Advertising, Campaign Creative, Copywriting, Production, Media Planning & Buying

Melbourne Montessori School – Campaign

Student Acquisition Campaign

Melbourne Montessori School

Melbourne Montessori School engaged Red Crayon to develop a campaign with the goal of increasing awareness and boosting enquiries for school tour bookings and enrolments.

The school wanted to improve awareness of the Montessori teaching philosophy that so many parents are not aware of. They wanted to ensure that potential parents had a good understanding of the benefits this type of education has, with the single-minded proposition that Melbourne Montessori School prepares children for the future of work.

We created a campaign that positioned Melbourne Montessori School as ‘the best kept secret’ in education for your child. The overarching call to action for the campaign encouraged parents to take a tour where they will discover the difference and benefits a Montessori education could offer their child. The campaign was aimed at parents of toddlers and senior school students, driving enquiry to two of the school’s key programs: early learning and IB.

To promote the early learning classes and IB program, we developed two sets of creative to run across a 6-week digital and social campaign. We showcased students engaging in their Montessori learning and paired this with the Montessori green, a strong visual brand cue for the school.

The overall messaging and creative was well received by the client who felt we were able to successfully communicate the benefits of a Montessori education in a succinct way.

The campaign performed above benchmarks with a click-through rate of 0.09% for display and 0.28% for social. The campaign landing page received a total of 2,553 page views from the digital ads. The school also received a higher number of phone enquiries than they usually would during the period that the campaign was live. Many individuals who called the school had not heard of Montessori education before, confirming that the campaign increased awareness of the school.

Strategy, creative, digital media, copywriting.


Little Big Branding, Strategy & Launch Campaign

Little big branding, strategy & launch campaign


ASG has helped families to plan and save for the cost of education since 1974. We were successful in a competitive pitch to work with ASG on bringing a brand new product suite to market. The new lending type product was the first of its kind for ASG, as such the suite required a new naming convention and look and feel to be developed and rolled out across a suite of assets for launch.

We wanted to simplify the sometimes-complex product and help inject personality through a creative naming architecture that could be adopted across other product suites in the future, to do this we developed The Little Big Helper Funds which encompassed the two lending products; Little Big Tuition and Little Big Extras. We brought the product set to life through the use of bright block colours and heavy black text. The Little Big concept was so well received by the client that the project scope was broadened to include a total product overhaul inline with the Little Big concept.

To roll out the concept across all products and creative we completed a studio shoot and 2 day on location shoot, to capture studio and lifestyle shots and footage to create simple product explainer videos. The stills were utilised across both print and digital ad materials and remain the core component of the brand asset library to date.

The refreshed, modern and youthful visual language was achieved and extremely well received by the client. We have since gone to market with additional campaigns in this new visual language style and there are many more to come!

Brand Strategy, Branding, Marketing Strategy, Campaign Creative & Video Production.

Estia Health Brand Custodian



Estia Health is one of the largest aged care providers in Australia with over 70 homes across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Following a brand refresh and a logo update, Red Crayon has worked closely with Estia Health over the past two years to update all of their existing collateral, including stationery and digital assets.

Red Crayon had also created a myriad of new materials for Estia Health, including their 2015/16 and 2016/17 Annual Reports, Guide to Aged Care booklets, Network brochures and Individual home trifolds to name a few.

Red Crayon’s long-term relationship and understanding of the brand style ensured that a common theme and consistent design elements are carried through to all aspects of the collateral created.

A considered, visually-engaging  and brand centric set of collateral that represents the Estia Health brand.

Brand Strategy, Branding, Collateral Design & Copywriting.

M.E.B Foods Rebrand & Rollout



M.E.B. Foods has been baking fresh, quality bread since 1969. M.E.B. Foods stand proud of their vision to produce no preservatives or additives bread, made with 100% Australian ingredients right here in their factory in Melbourne.

Our brief was to carry out a complete rebrand which included the redesign of their entire suite of packaging, including their well-known Khobz pita bread. Furthermore we were tasked to design and build a new website that showcases their products, provides recipes and lists stockists to purchase the products.

Red Crayon shot and produced a series of images to use throughout the website, including a vibrant large table spread to encompass the act of ‘Sharing the Table’.

This vibrant style of photography was carried throughout the website, paired with intuitive UI/UX design to create a high impact, easy to navigate user experience.

A new range of packaging was also created to take the rebrand look to market – Lookout for them in all major retailers – perhaps even pop one in your trolley to share with your family tonight!

Reinvigorating an old favourite is always a challenge, but with shared ideas and a united visions both M.E.B. Foods and Red Crayon are very proud of the final product.

Brand Strategy, Branding, Digital, Photography & Copywriting.

Melbourne Rebels 2018 Season Launch



The Brief
Develop an exciting campaign message to launch the 2018 Melbourne Rebels season and bring the message to life through the creative development of a multitude of online and offline assets.

The objectives were plentiful:

  • Launch & Sell Membership
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Format the consistent base imagery for the year’s communication

The Solution
With the Rebels coming off a tough 2017 season, we developed a campaign that really spoke to existing membership base but also a wider network of Melbourne sport enthusiasts. The “Never Back Down” message was born and brought to life through daring and unapologetic creative, anchored on the Rebels signature shield. We designed a consistent set of artwork to be used across multiple different channels throughout the 2018 season including social media graphics, website banners, EDM templates and membership merchandise packs.

The Result
A revived and refreshed brand message has re-ignited the engagement in Rebels fans across Victoria. The provision of a succinct campaign position and accompanying creative collateral allows the Melbourne Rebels team to walk confidently into the 2018 season.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign Creative, Content Creation & Copywriting.




Yarra Valley Snack Foods have been producing better for you snacking products under three core brands and multiple private labels since 2003. Along the way the corporate identity and subsequent brands have evolved naturally however they now require some direction to keep them on track into the future making sure that the business is able to stride successfully into the next phase of growth.

Brand Strategy and Positioning
With the revolution in customer behavior and the power shift in regard to voice and choice it has become imperative for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level to stay relevant. By being clear and concise about what a brand believes makes it significantly easier for potential customers to measure their own beliefs against that of the brands and in turn, if aligned to build a ‘real and meaningful connection’. Multiple in depth, collaborative workshops were held to unearth the core brand belief for Yarra Valley Snack Foods and it’s subsequent consumer brands; Tyrrells, Wholesome Food Company and Thomas Chipman.

Corporate Brand Film
The production of a new brand film, illustrating the strategy and positioning of all three brands was pivotal to internal and external stakeholder buy in. The production of this mini film saw us venture to the famous rolling hills of the Yarra Valley to capture the magic of the destination that is so pivotal the corporate identity.

A clear and concise direction forward for the business and brands alike has been achieved. Accompanied by a unique and memorable brand film that explains the new direction to existing and new stakeholders. We now have a solid foundation to build upon with new packaging and marketing campaigns in the works!

Brand Strategy & Video Production.

Knox Ford – Lead Generation Campaign



Knox Ford came to us looking for a digital solution to generate leads for their multiple dealership sale events. Our first charge was to develop and run a localised campaign to drive leads and support the 8-Day SUV Value Sale event in dealership. The short campaign was to run over the 8-day sale period, with an objective of driving awareness and generating leads for phone qualification and in dealership conversion.

A geo-targeted lead generation campaign was developed for Instagram and Facebook; including an in platform lead form. Two ad sets were carefully crafted for AB split testing, including a specific price point driven static carousel and a generic offer based video.

Engaging creative and a sense of urgency established through ad copy were compelling reasons to engage and click, which can be seen in the post campaign results.

The lead generation campaign saw quick results, generating multiple high quality leads over the short period in market. A secondary bonus was the amount of audience data we were able to collect, we are now able to utlise look a like audience targeting, which will only further improve future campaign results.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign CreativeContent CreationSocial Advertising