Futurity Investment Group – Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral

Futurity Investment Group

Futurity Investment Group* is an independent financial institution, helping families and individuals plan and save for lifelong education objectives. Red Crayon was engaged by Futurity Investment Group to develop a suite of assets to assist in launching their new brand in market. The brief was simple, take complex and intricate product information and turn it into consumable and relatable stories that resonate with the target audience and hero the brand values.

Red Crayon developed a diverse set of valuable and useful assets in collaboration with Futurity Investment Group, including simplified comparative infographics, brand banner advertising and a series of short animated explainer and case study videos.

A sense of trust authority and credibility has been established through engaging creative, messaging and video production to occupy the needs of Futurity’s B2B and B2C audiences.

A cohesive and resolved set of brand collateral has been produced, ensuring Futurity has a sound platform for advertising, campaigning and establishing the new brand in market. We look forward to continuing to work with Futurity to capture their offering succinctly and timelessly.

*Product issuer is Futurity Investment Group Ltd (ACN 087648879, AFSL 236665)

Campaign CreativeContent Creation, Design, Collateral & Video Production.

Realestate.com.au – 2020 Developer Insights Series

2020 Developer Insights Series


We were engaged by Realestate.com.au to curate insightful and engaging content for their builder and developer audience as a part of the 2020 Developer Insights series. The challenge was to take the annual series, which is normally delivered through a multitude of events, online, and build multiple content streams and stories to bring the 2020 New Home Buyer research to life.

A succinct and diversified content strategy was developed in collaboration with the REA marketing and research & insights teams to form the architecture of this year’s series. Our collaborative approach saw us develop a cohesive and consistent look and feel for the series including a series logo, colour palette and microsite to house the content.

The development of engaging content including animated videos, infographic data packs, Vlogs and podcasts which were subsequently seeded out via multiple channels including eDM, Social Media, YouTube and podcast channels to amplify the series and bring the content to the builder and developer audience.

The inventive and engaging series was extremely well received by the client and the builder and developer audience, with key metrics like CTR and time on site being achieved within the first month.

We are continuing to collaborate with the team at realestate.com.au and look forward to bringing more content to life over the coming months, including live webinars and a series of buyer interview videos.

Content Strategy & Marketing, Design, Collateral, Video Production & Podcasting

Deliveroo Australia – Here To Deliver



Red Crayon was engaged by Deliveroo Australia to be involved with the #HereToDeliver campaign. This was implemented to support Deliveroo’s many restaurant partners nationally during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our brief was to bring the campaign to life through out-of-home and instore POS executions.

Red Crayon designed and developed the #HereToDeliver artwork in line with Deliveroo’s new brand platform and campaign aesthetics. The instore POS was printed and distributed to over 200 individual restaurants Australia wide. The campaign was further supported via digital channels.

The #HereToDeliver campaign was well received by restaurant partners and the general public, ensuring an increased awareness that local restaurants are still here to deliver during this uncertain time.

Campaign Creative & Content Creation

Deliveroo Australia – Zone Campaign



Deliveroo Australia engaged Red Crayon to work as an extension of their marketing team, bringing hyper localised campaigns to life across specific strategically identified zones. This is a fresh approach for the major food delivery company, who has previously focused solely on mass brand communications. Our first charge was to amplify and reignite the Gold Coast market. The objectives were plentiful; boost order volume, increase brand presence and improve brand loyalty.

Red Crayon developed a multi-pronged approach to this campaign ensuring all objectives were addressed:

1. Order volume
Free Delivery… who doesn’t love free delivery? In close collaboration with Deliveroo Australia, Red Crayon designed and rolled out the free delivery messaging across a whole host of print and digital mediums including; local radio, press, digital and on street flyering.

2. Brand awareness & loyalty
Red Crayon found that community support is a core driving force behind brand loyalty and therefore identified, negotiated and managed the sponsorship of the 2019 Broadbeach Christmas Carols event on behalf of Deliveroo. This sponsorship included partnership EDM’s, and social coverage in addition to a brand activation which provided the opportunity to display community support through the provision of giveaways – Deliveroo branded Christmas hats and reusable picnic tumblers, whilst also strategically placing the brand in many Gold Coast homes post event.

The entire campaign was further supported through a Restaurant of the Week program and TVC spots on local channels.

The campaign was a great success resulting in 30% uplift of total order volume and a re-invigorated brand presence and awareness, which will result in a longer tail effect over the coming months.

Campaign StrategyCampaign CreativeContent CreationSocial Advertising, Digital Advertising & Event Activation

Bakers Delight Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing

Bakers Delight

Develop a completely refreshed set of local marketing templates across Community, Operations and Local Store Offers for instant implementation and ongoing development.

The aim was to deliver a unique, versatile and easily accessed set of tools with messages that sounded like they had come from the franchisee’s mouth and could be used on a daily basis across all 700 locations.
1) Increase sales
2) Increase repeat visitation
3) Increase community engagement
4) Attract new customers

We used clever, simple, top line copy to deliver the messages to the audience and backed that up by designing a series of photomontages where we illustrated over the top of the Bakers Delight’s products to create characters and add personality that would effectively bring the product to life.

A completely new set of templates that are now being used across all franchises nationwide to attract new customers, deliver increased sales, drive repeat visitation and to better engage the community. On the back of the success of the refreshed templates, Red Crayon has been engaged on a permanent basis to create all Local Area Marketing creative nationwide.

Campaign Strategy, Copywriting, Photography & Campaign Creative.

BIC Brand Activation



After conceiving three strong and unique ideas to breathe life and fun into the brand, drive sales and increase in-store presence, Red Crayon were then tasked with bringing forward an activation concept for the once yearly charitable event – the Good Friday Appeal. Our goal being a long term strategy to position BIC Kids as a serious contender in its market – with the depth and quality to be aligned with children’s education.

Despite time constraints and multiple stakeholder involvement, Red Crayon rose to the challenge and worked all hours, drawing from our experience and trusted partners, to achieve an activation space that was a stand-out at the event. From planning through design, to printing, staffing and installation, Red Crayon created an engaging space that raised the profile of BIC Kids. We designed and built a ‘museum’ whereby children could create works of art and display them proudly against a custom designed standee, then load their picture to the BIC Facebook page to share their creation. The space catered for children aged 3-12 with different zones housing iPads, colouring books, art walls, colouring castles and tables, with bean bags, signage and props for an inviting and engaging space.

An estimated 80,000 people were in attendance at the event – with non-stop queues, hundreds of images uploaded to Facebook and hours of play on the BIC Kids app. The BIC Kids brand had massive exposure and the activation has laid the foundation for future engaging events to further underpin their seriousness in contending in this market.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign Creative, Content Creation & Photography.

Franchised Food Company Cold Rock Summer Campaign



Red Crayon was again asked to develop an integrated multi-channel advertising campaign for Summer. Cold Rock expressed some simple goals: make it bigger than the previous year, drive more traffic into the 100 stores around Australia and to add 15,000 new subscribers to their database. The campaign was to run from just after Christmas through to Australia Day.

Red Crayon pitched a concept that saw two characters that were reminiscent of a couple of adversaries from the ‘old west’ duelling for the right to give one lucky customer either $10,000 cash or a $10,000 diamond. Enter “The Cold Hard Cash Vs The Cold Hard Rock.” The guys at Cold Rock instantly fell in love with the two characters and over the ensuing weeks refined and developed a 3D animated TVC. The concept was then rolled out across TV, Outdoor, Social in-store and Online where the customers were directed to make their choice to win either the Cold Hard Cash or The Cold Hard Rock.

This campaign saw 24,000 unique entries with the eventual prize winner choosing the Cold Hard Rock.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign Creative, Digital Media, Social Media, Content Creation, Community Management, Video Production, Media Planning & Buying.

Estia Health Brand Custodian



Estia Health is one of the largest aged care providers in Australia with over 70 homes across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Following a brand refresh and a logo update, Red Crayon has worked closely with Estia Health over the past two years to update all of their existing collateral, including stationery and digital assets.

Red Crayon had also created a myriad of new materials for Estia Health, including their 2015/16 and 2016/17 Annual Reports, Guide to Aged Care booklets, Network brochures and Individual home trifolds to name a few.

Red Crayon’s long-term relationship and understanding of the brand style ensured that a common theme and consistent design elements are carried through to all aspects of the collateral created.

A considered, visually-engaging  and brand centric set of collateral that represents the Estia Health brand.

Brand Strategy, Branding, Collateral Design & Copywriting.

Bakers Delight Kick Start Franchise Re-Launch

Kick Start Franchise Re-Launch

Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight runs two streams of Franchise recruitment, one external, the other internal. Whilst external recruitment tends to receive more love, it was identified that conversions of internal leads proved more plentiful. As such the internal franchise model and collateral needed a solid strategic approach and visual refresh.


Red Crayon is engaged ongoing as the custodians of the internal recruitment process for Bakers Delight, Kick Start. Red Crayon reworked all of the Kick Start communications, from rebranding to a fresh visual language though to copy writing, photography, storytelling, videography, design and rollout.

By showcasing Kick Start graduates through storytelling of their experiences, prospective students are able to gain insights of what the program involves and the successes that can be achieved. This was communicated via short films of graduates in their own bakeries, information booklets, EDMs, information nights and pathway collateral.

A simple yet powerfully engaging strategy, which has proven to be the perfect recipe!


The Kick Start program has seen bolstered enquiry and conversion since re-launching with this new strategy and refreshed visual style.

M.E.B Foods Rebrand & Rollout



M.E.B. Foods has been baking fresh, quality bread since 1969. M.E.B. Foods stand proud of their vision to produce no preservatives or additives bread, made with 100% Australian ingredients right here in their factory in Melbourne.

Our brief was to carry out a complete rebrand which included the redesign of their entire suite of packaging, including their well-known Khobz pita bread. Furthermore we were tasked to design and build a new website that showcases their products, provides recipes and lists stockists to purchase the products.

Red Crayon shot and produced a series of images to use throughout the website, including a vibrant large table spread to encompass the act of ‘Sharing the Table’.

This vibrant style of photography was carried throughout the website, paired with intuitive UI/UX design to create a high impact, easy to navigate user experience.

A new range of packaging was also created to take the rebrand look to market – Lookout for them in all major retailers – perhaps even pop one in your trolley to share with your family tonight!

Reinvigorating an old favourite is always a challenge, but with shared ideas and a united visions both M.E.B. Foods and Red Crayon are very proud of the final product.

Brand Strategy, Branding, Digital, Photography & Copywriting.

Melbourne Rebels 2018 Season Launch



The Brief
Develop an exciting campaign message to launch the 2018 Melbourne Rebels season and bring the message to life through the creative development of a multitude of online and offline assets.

The objectives were plentiful:

  • Launch & Sell Membership
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Format the consistent base imagery for the year’s communication

The Solution
With the Rebels coming off a tough 2017 season, we developed a campaign that really spoke to existing membership base but also a wider network of Melbourne sport enthusiasts. The “Never Back Down” message was born and brought to life through daring and unapologetic creative, anchored on the Rebels signature shield. We designed a consistent set of artwork to be used across multiple different channels throughout the 2018 season including social media graphics, website banners, EDM templates and membership merchandise packs.

The Result
A revived and refreshed brand message has re-ignited the engagement in Rebels fans across Victoria. The provision of a succinct campaign position and accompanying creative collateral allows the Melbourne Rebels team to walk confidently into the 2018 season.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign Creative, Content Creation & Copywriting.

Bob Jane T-Marts Videography, Animation, Branding & Collateral

Videography, Animation, Branding & Collateral

Bob Jane T-Marts

Bob Jane T-Marts has a national network of franchised and company owned tyre retail stores, making them Australia’s largest independent tyre retailer. Red Crayon works on many different projects, from car livery, through to animated videos and everything in-between.

Vehicle Livery –
Red Crayon developed a series of concepts for the Ford Rangers that stayed true to the brand and that would ensure the vehicles stood out on the road. Commonly, prospective customers action livery on vehicles when they are in traffic or stopped at a set of traffic lights – knowing this we ensured all the key information was on the tailgate of the vehicle..

Training Videos – Over 2 days Red Crayon filmed, edited and produced a series of 7 training videos, each roughly 3 – 4 minutes in length. The videos covered topics such as customer bookings, car drop off, car pick up, safety inspection reports and walking a customer through an invoice.

Tire Check Tuesday – A bright, informative 5 step animation that delivers serious, life saving content in a clever and creative way designed to appeal to the target market. The animation was used nationally online to raise awareness of the danger in driving with under, over-inflated or worn tyres.

AusCar & Monster – Red Crayon developed two sets of brand guidelines that clearly govern the visual DNA of each brand. Essentially the documents describe, define and present examples of how the brands look in various visual media such as advertising, print, online and broadcast. For the guides to be effective they must clearly define the rules around brand use and be clearly cascaded across all parties that will interact with the brands.

Continuity in brand presence and messaging whilst ensuring communications are engaging and informative.

Collateral Design, Content Creation, Video Production & Animation.