BIC Brand Activation



After conceiving three strong and unique ideas to breathe life and fun into the brand, drive sales and increase in-store presence, Red Crayon were then tasked with bringing forward an activation concept for the once yearly charitable event – the Good Friday Appeal. Our goal being a long term strategy to position BIC Kids as a serious contender in its market – with the depth and quality to be aligned with children’s education.

Despite time constraints and multiple stakeholder involvement, Red Crayon rose to the challenge and worked all hours, drawing from our experience and trusted partners, to achieve an activation space that was a stand-out at the event. From planning through design, to printing, staffing and installation, Red Crayon created an engaging space that raised the profile of BIC Kids. We designed and built a ‘museum’ whereby children could create works of art and display them proudly against a custom designed standee, then load their picture to the BIC Facebook page to share their creation. The space catered for children aged 3-12 with different zones housing iPads, colouring books, art walls, colouring castles and tables, with bean bags, signage and props for an inviting and engaging space.

An estimated 80,000 people were in attendance at the event – with non-stop queues, hundreds of images uploaded to Facebook and hours of play on the BIC Kids app. The BIC Kids brand had massive exposure and the activation has laid the foundation for future engaging events to further underpin their seriousness in contending in this market.

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