Aplace by Glenvill Brand Campaign



Develop a marketing and communications plan that leverages the ‘Never Ordinary’ positioning of Glenvill while focusing on the feeling we get when we buy – be it our first, second or third.

The aim was to target the following 3 market segments
1) Renters with a small deposit wanting to buy
2) Renters without a deposit wanting to buy
3) Renters who were unaware that they could buy without a deposit

The overall market for house and land is saturated with a myriad of players (Metricon, Simonds & ABN Home Buyers Centre; to name a few) all offering different levels of deposit entry and inclusions to attract prospective buyers.

With Red Crayon, Aplace by Glenvill proposed to disrupt this market by offering an authentic NO DEPOSIT proposition.

Phase 1
Develop a set of assets and campaign materials to take the brand and disruptive message to market.
A new website with some helpful tools like a rent Vs mortgage calculator and comparison scenario video.
Product book that details all of the options and specifications for a Aplace by Glenvill home.
Individual product brochures detailing each home.
Step by step process document and instructional video.
An emotive television commercial that profiles a young couple as they enter their new home for the first time and feel that ‘new home feeling’.

The collateral has been exceptionally well received and the digital campaign kicks off at the beginning of June with TV schedule
for July and August.

Campaign Strategy, Campaign Creative, Collateral Design, Content Creation, Video Production & Photography.