FGB NATURAL PRODUCTS – Bosisto’s – Australian Natives Launch



Red Crayon was engaged by FGB Natural Products to work on Bosisto’s, an iconic Australian heritage brand and market leader to develop an ATL campaign for the launch of their new product range, Australian Native Botanicals.

As Bosisto’s eucalyptus plantation is in north Victoria it was a natural choice to hero the breathtaking landscape, ingredients and native environment to further reinforce the core offering of the new range. The landscape was brought to life with a protagonist whose natural beauty and simplistic delivery of a bespoke poem written by Red Crayon, cleverly and effectively highlights the products features and benefits through a narrative relatable to all – in this fast paced world we all need to ‘take a moment’ for ourselves.

Red Crayon managed the full production of both the videography and photography shoot, from scriptwriting, talent casting and wardrobe to the filming, photography, post production and dispatch.

A 30 second TVC is currently airing nationally with additional 15 second variants being broadcast online to boost impressions. The campaign is also supported with national press, socials and display advertising.

The campaign has hit the ground running with the TVC’s debut taking place during the ratings success of ‘The Block 2020’ finale. ­

Advertising, Campaign Creative, Copywriting & Production

Rapid Hardware Group – CatRoller Campaign

CatRoller Campaign

Rapid Hardware Group

Red Crayon was engaged by Rapid Hardware Group, an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of hardware products, to develop and launch their new pet product brand, Cat Roller.

Our task was to launch their new product into the market including the development of all brand assets, packaging and a digital launch campaign.

The aim of the campaign launch was to increase awareness of the brand, encourage landing page views and click-throughs to the Bunnings website, where users could then go on to purchase the product.

The branding and logo we created carried a fun and charming identity. We wanted the overall branding to make cat lovers smile, the same way a funny cat video does. As the illustration in the logo is lively and animated, we went for a simplified colour palette of orange variations, to ensure we weren’t adding too many colours to an already animated and lively brand. The branding was carried through a number of different assets including packaging, an instruction manual, an instruction video and advertising campaign creative.

We know that cats can be cheeky escape artists, so we decided to bring out this playful nature and engage the audience through a fun illustrated visual. The established features and benefits of the product were featured heavily throughout the creative to further cement that the product is an easy DIY solution that is simple and effective at keeping your cat safe. The creative ran across carousel and video formats on social and 6 Google display formats.

To support the advertising campaign, we also crafted a 9-week content plan with artwork for the Cat Roller Facebook page.

The fun and playful branding that was rolled out across product packaging was well received by the client.

The four-week advertising campaign launched at the end of 2020 and was very well received by the target audience. The campaign saw a social click-through rate of 3.05% and a display click-through rate of 0.10%, both above industry standard. Traffic was led to a campaign landing page where the audience could then click through to Bunnings Warehouse and purchase the product.

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Melbourne Montessori School – Campaign

Student Acquisition Campaign

Melbourne Montessori School

Melbourne Montessori School engaged Red Crayon to develop a campaign with the goal of increasing awareness and boosting enquiries for school tour bookings and enrolments.

The school wanted to improve awareness of the Montessori teaching philosophy that so many parents are not aware of. They wanted to ensure that potential parents had a good understanding of the benefits this type of education has, with the single-minded proposition that Melbourne Montessori School prepares children for the future of work.

We created a campaign that positioned Melbourne Montessori School as ‘the best kept secret’ in education for your child. The overarching call to action for the campaign encouraged parents to take a tour where they will discover the difference and benefits a Montessori education could offer their child. The campaign was aimed at parents of toddlers and senior school students, driving enquiry to two of the school’s key programs: early learning and IB.

To promote the early learning classes and IB program, we developed two sets of creative to run across a 6-week digital and social campaign. We showcased students engaging in their Montessori learning and paired this with the Montessori green, a strong visual brand cue for the school.

The overall messaging and creative was well received by the client who felt we were able to successfully communicate the benefits of a Montessori education in a succinct way.

The campaign performed above benchmarks with a click-through rate of 0.09% for display and 0.28% for social. The campaign landing page received a total of 2,553 page views from the digital ads. The school also received a higher number of phone enquiries than they usually would during the period that the campaign was live. Many individuals who called the school had not heard of Montessori education before, confirming that the campaign increased awareness of the school.

Strategy, creative, digital media, copywriting.