Marketing Implementation Plans & Strategic Marketing Melbourne

Tailor made marketing plans for businesses & brands.

A Red Crayon marketing strategy involves the following:

1) Researching the market to understand growth potential and opportunity.

2) Researching the competition to understand their customer, brand, price and how they communicate.

3) Researching your company to define the goals and objectives, how to achieve them and the strengths and weaknesses.

4) Research to define the best prospect or target market and to understand segmentation.

5) Positioning your brand in the mind of the best prospects relative to the competition.

6) Building out a set of benefits that will be offered based on the USP’s.

7) How the benefits will be communicated to the best prospect.

8) Defining the channel/platform plan and marketing mix, the sum of all tools proposed to be used to deliver the message of benefits to the customer.

The marketing strategy informs the marketing plan, which is a document that lays out the types and timing of marketing activities over the course of a year. The plan goes into the logistical details of executing the strategy, such as budgets, more detailed timescales, who within the company will manage the various points of the strategy, the logistics of various distribution channels and their associated costs. The marketing plan is usually far more organic and may require change based on budgets and economic factors. Our strategic marketing plans can raise brand awareness across a number of mediums such as; social media and digital platforms.